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Richard Masters of Walcote

Published on Tuesday, 15 October 2013 08:31 Hits: 4893

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Churches in Richard Masters' Life History

The life history of William Masters begins with these churches in Leicestershire, England. (see also  http://www.richardwmasters.com )

The first is St Leonard's in Walcote-Misterton which is where, as Richard Masters, he was baptised on 6 November 1831. The second is St. Peter's in Arnesby which is where his father  John was baptised on 15 April 1810. The third is St Andrew's in Twyford which is where his mother Ann was baptised on 17 November in 1802. The fourth photograph is the headstone of his brother Joel who died of rheumatic fever at the age of 12, on 13 January 1853. The headstone sits against the wall at the entrance to St Leonard's in Walcote-Misterton. 

Richard was the son of John and Ann Masters who were married at St Mary de Castro in Leicester on 6 November 1827. Their daughter Elizabeth was born in Walcote on 15 June 1828, their son Richard was born on 6 November 1831 and Joel their youngest was born on  June 1840. They were all baptised at St Leonard's.

Richard's story is told in a book called "The Masters of Walcote, Leicestershire".

The book describes the lives of the family that he left behind in England after he came to the Pacific, including;
  • a wife Charlotte Farmer whom he married on 10 November 1851;
  • a son John who was born on 25 January 1852;
  • a young daughter Ann Elizabeth who was born on 5 December 1853 - her mother's name was Sarah - but who, at aged 3, Richard left her with his parents and left England. She was baptised in St Leonards on 25 May 1856. 
  • a report by the British Vice-Consul of Samoa, Thomas Trood, who met Marsters, as he was then called, in Sydney in 1858. Marsters told him of how some years before, he had located a pearl-shell island. They went into partnership to collect pearl shell for the European market.  Thomas Trood continues the story. 

Find out more about Richard Masters and his family in England at the alternative site

Read more in "Masters of Walcote, Leicestershire". Cost $60 - $10 of this will be donated to the Palmerston Project Fund (plus $5.00 postage for NZ). A soft copy version is also available for NZD30.  Order via the "Contact Us" form on this site.
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Masters of Walcote, Leicestershire by Maureen Hilyard